At KMS Sport Surfaces

we can provide you with the supplies and accessories for your sports surfaces, such as tennis net, pickleball net, tennis net posts and professional height adjustable basketball system with glass backboard, everything you need to always be ready to play..

Tennis supplies

KMS Sport Surfaces Tennis Accesories

MacGregor® Varsity 300 42 FT. Tennis Net

Whether you’re hosting a competitive tournament or a recreational game among friends, you can rely on the strength and support of the MacGregor® Varsity 300 42 ft. Tennis Net. With high tensile strength and durable vinyl and polyethylene construction, this net will stay strong throughout tough games. Give your team reliable equipment with this net’s lock-stitched headband and fiberglass dowels, which keep the net at a consistent height, so your players can focus on sending serves flying.

The Varsity 300 comes in 42' length and includes side pockets.


Tennis court net posts Edwards Classic 3" round

The Edwards Classic 3” Round tennis court net posts are our most popular tennis court net post. Edwards is a company that has been supplying quality equipment to the tennis industry for 130 years.   Their equipment has been featured at some of tennis’ greatest events, such as the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Wimbledon Championships.

Your court will surely shine with the Edwards 3″ Classic Round Posts.

Pickleball supplies

KMS Sport Surfaces Pickleball Accesories
Pickleball Net

Have you measured inside net posts to inside net posts to make sure this net will fit? It measures 22′ exactly in length and is 36″ high.

Basketball supplies

A sport that you can play all year round, by yourself or with a team and you can play it at any age. Basketball is a perfect way to exercise at home, at school or at a recreation center near you.  Our selection includes our Basketball System Adjustable Height, so you can enjoy the game regardless of your current skill level. Call us if you need help finding the right basketball supplies for your needs!

KMS Sport Surfaces Basketball Accesories
60" Basketball System Adjustable Height
72" Basketball System Adjustable Height

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