Sports surfaces Construction and Repair


Since 1990, KMS Sport Surfaces team has been providing Texas with expert design, construction, and maintenance across a full range of game courts.

Our extensive experience is in lining, relining, refurbishment, crack repair, mold killing, painting and resurfacing a wide range of different sports surfaces.

These include more than 1,200 Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Basketball Courts, Pickleball Courts, Paddle-Tennis Courts, and Soccer fields all around Texas.

Our services

KMS Sport Surfaces, has been repairing and building sports surfaces for over 25 years.

KMS Sport Surfaces also produces high-performance non-skid acrylic coating systems for all types of uses, both indoors and outdoors.

Some want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others like KMS Sport Surfaces make it happen!

From design to construction, we have the perfect plan that harmonizes with the space available in your home or on a professional game court.


Sport lines options: Tennis, Basketball, Pickleball, Futsal, Paddle, Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, & Soccer.

Games: Tic Tac Toe, Four Square, Twister, Hopscotch, Logos, etc.


The resurfacing of sports surfaces is a cost-effective and intelligent solution. We can revitalize all kinds of damage on sports surfaces: crack repair, mold killing, faded lines, and aged on a wide range of different sports surfaces.


Depending on the conditions of the existing coating on your sports field and the type of system you want, we can remove and apply a new coating to the surface. A new surface guarantees a better game.


We also sell and install accessories ready-to-play! Tennis net posts, basketball goal glass backboards and tennis and pickleball nets.

Our business value that exceeds standards.

With KMS sport surfaces, you get a friendly, professional approach and a personal commitment to your project being delivered on time and within a budget.

From professional sports surfaces to residential leisure areas, you can rely on us for the highest standards of service and workmanship.

Our clients can completely customize the surfacing specification and installation process for their game court.

This means you know that you’ll get the perfect result for your house school or club at a price that fits within your budget.

We can install multi-use games areas in schools, universities, sports clubs, and leisure centers nearby and throughout Texas

All these elements contribute to making KMS sport Surfaces truly exceptional. If you are a tennis pro or a casual player, you’ll appreciate the quality of our courts.

From design to construction whether it’s painting or repairing tennis courts, resurfacing a worn old game court, lighting, accessories, fencing, repairing and patching holes and cracks, or lining your sport areas you can count with us.

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We have a unique story with every client...
KMS Sport Surfaces Tennis Accesories
Jennifer Stevenson
Sugar Land, Tx.

I love playing Tennis, but I didn’t have many alternatives to play it because the courts close to my house are very busy

The professional team at KMS Sport Surfaces helped me with everything I needed to have my own court, they designed and adapted the court to the space that I have, used the most beautiful colors, and placed the poles for the net and even the lighting to be able to play at night. They did everything very well! Now I can play with my family when I want .

KMS Sport Surfaces Basketball Accesories
Joe Stweart
Houston, Tx.

I always wanted to have a basketball court in my garage backyard, I thought it would be complicated by the little space that I thought I had. The experience of the KMS Sport Surfaces team made me see that I was wrong, they managed to make my dream come true in a very short time and everything is ready to play with my children. Thank you KMS!

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